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These Chicago image-enhanced photos are a mixture of HDR photography and specific software plug-ins that create a painted and gritty look to the photographs. High Dynamic Range is a process of shooting two or more images of the exact same scene (or double processing one image) and combining them to produce one high quality image with a full tonal range to fully capture much of the tonal variation in a contrasty scene, such as a bright sky with deep foreground shadows.

The process involves photographing a scene with a variety of exposures to fully capture the tonal range and the combining the images in Photoshop to eventually produce one correctly exposed image. Then a specific filter is applied to the image to produce a painterly effect, making sure that certain details are somewhat preserved, such as windows of buildings or lettered signs. A second filter is then applied to created a highly detailed, gritty look to bring out all the elements in the scene. Not all images receive the same filter enhancement; the scene dictates what kind of gritty effect is required, whether it be more detail, saturation, contrast or brightness. The process can take up to a few hours of refinement to get the exact effect that is required. In the end, the result is a familiar subject with a surreal flair.
Buckingham Fountain at Dusk
Red sky and bench from North Avenue
Kinzie Street Bridge
East Wacker view from Trump Tower
Chicago Theater at Night
Riverside Dining along Chicago River
Wrigley Field Cubs vs. Sox
Skyline and flowers from Shedd Aquarium
Skyline and red sunset from North Avenue
Lurie Garden and Chicago Skyline
Skyline and sidewalk along Chicago River
Lincoln Park Lagoon and Skyline
Chicago River and Downtown Buildings at Night
Balloon View from Navy Pier
Lake Point Tower from AeroBalloon
Chicago River and Architectural Tour Boats
Lagoon and walkway at Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago Skyline and joggers
Navy Pier Lake Michigan Sunrise
Navy Pier Sunrise
Chicago River at Dusk
Rainy Evening at the Bean
Buckingham Fountain Red Colors
Trump Tower and Riverside Walkway
Chicago Theater Stairway
Chicago Theater Auditorium
Chicago Theater Lobby